Knowledge Base articles related to Video Conferencing Solutions such as but not limited to Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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Assistive Listening Tips on Zoom

Tips to help with hearing impairment in a Zoom meeting.

Duplicating a Team in Microsoft Teams

Instructions for duplicating a team in Microsoft Teams

Hiding Video Panel in Zoom

To help understand how to hide the video panel while sharing your screen in Zoom.

How to Use Blur or Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to blur your background for video calls in Microsoft Teams

Making Calls with Microsoft Teams

How to make internal and external calls via Teams

Microsoft Teams and Stream - Video Permissions

Information regarding permissions in Stream and MS Teams on who can see the videos uploaded to Stream

Microsoft Teams and Zoom - Comparison

Comparison of Microsoft Teams and Zoom to better assist you with choosing the application that suits your needs

Taking Attendance in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to take meeting attendance in Microsoft Teams

Testing Zoom Video and Audio

To show the steps of how to test your video and audio when in a Zoom meeting.

Using Breakout Rooms in MS Teams

Learn how to use Breakout Rooms in teams

Using Commands in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to use commands in MS Teams, and what commands are available to WesternU employees

Using Microsoft Teams

Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Using Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

Learn how to use virtual backgrounds in Zoom

Video Call Best Practices

This article will provide some best practices for video calls including how to blur your background and mute your mic.