How to install SPSS 28 on Non-WesternU Computers


  • How do I use SPSS 28 on a non-WesternU computer?


  1. Download and install SPSS 28 for non-WesternU computers here.
  2. You will be asked if you want to allow SPSSStatistics to make changes to this device, select Yes.
  3. The IBM SPSS Statistics 28  - Installation Wizard will launch. Select Next. 
  4. The Software License Agreement will appear. Please review the agreement then select 'I accept the terms in the license agreement', then select Next.
  5. The Destination Folder will then appear. We recommend the default provided installation location. Select Next. 
  6. The Ready to Install the Program will appear, select Install.                                
  7. Installation is complete, please confirm that the "Start SPSS Statistics 28 License Authorization Wizard Now" is checked and select Finish.
  8.  The IBM SPPS Statistics 28 Licensing - Product Authorization will appear. Select the 'Authorized User License' option and then select Next. 
  9. Enter Codes will appear. Please input the SPSS 28 Serial number in the Enter Code field and then select Add. *NOTE the Serial number has to be added manually, copying and pasting the serial number will produce an error. Once added, then select Next. 
  10. The Internet Authorization Status will appear and should display 'Successfully processed all codes'. Select Next. 
  11. Licensing Completed will appear. The License end date will be displayed. Select Finish. 
  12. Congratulations! You have successfully installed and licensed SPSS 28. You may now launch IBM SPSS 28

Additional Information

  • SPSS 28 is now available for Windows and Mac computers.


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