Using Commands in Microsoft Teams

What are Commands in Microsoft Teams?

  • Commands are shortcuts for performing common tasks in Teams: update your status, go to a specific channel, show your recent files and saved messages, and more


How to Access Commands

  • To use a command, start with "/" in the search bar at the top
    • This is also where you can use the "@" symbol to look for activity with a specific person

Which Commands Can I Use?

  • Set your status
    • /available, /away, /brb (be right back), /busy, /dnd (do not disturb) will set your status accordingly for anyone viewing your profile
  • Actions
    • /call, followed by a person's name will allow you to call them directly
    • /testcall will allow you to call the "Teams Echo" bot to test your audio capability for calls
    • /join, followed by the team name will allow you to join, or request to join, that team
      • /join and simply hitting "enter" will allow you to see any teams that you are allowed to join, or do not have "invite only" restrictions
    • /goto, followed by a team name or channel, will allow you to go directly to that team or channel
      • /goto, followed by "enter", will provide a list of all teams you are part of to select from
  • Information
    • /files will allow you to see all of your recent files
    • /help will take you to the Teams help center
    • /keys will show you all keyboard shortcuts for Teams
    • /mentions will show everywhere you were mentioned by name
    • /saved will show you any messages you saved within Teams
    • /unread will show you any unread activity
    • /whatsnew will show you what is new in Teams
      • Note that any new feature in Teams may not always be available in Teams for WesternU for security reasons
    • /who will allow you to ask a question about someone
      • The types of questions you can ask "Who" are:
        • Who is Jane?
        • Who are Jack's peers?
        • Who is Roger's manager?
        • Who does Emma work with?
        • Who reports to Julie?
        • Who knows about marketing?
        • Who did I meet with about product design?
        • Who has information about Microsoft Teams?
        • Who emailed me about launch in the past 2 weeks?
        • Who's the Bill that emailed me about status reports?


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