Microsoft Teams and Stream - Video Permissions

What Is Microsoft Stream?

  • Microsoft Stream is an Enterprise Video service where people in your organization can upload, view, and share videos securely. Think of Microsoft Steam as the enterprise version of YouTube for WesternU. You can share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos that aid your team's collaboration. Microsoft Stream also makes it easy to share comments on a video, tag timecodes in comments and descriptions to refer to specific points in a video and discuss with colleagues.

What Can I Upload To Stream, and Who Can See It?

Recorded Meetings in Microsoft Teams

  • All recorded meetings within Microsoft Teams are automatically uploaded to Stream in Office 365
  • VIewing permissions in Stream mirror the permissions for that recording in Teams
    • Anyone within that recorded meeting, or channel within MS Teams, can view that recording on Stream

Individual Recordings

  • You can record videos using other video applications and then upload to Stream through Office 365
    • Recording directly in Teams, even if it's not a meeting, wiill be automatically uploaded to Stream
    • If you record outside of Teams, using another recording application, you will have to manually upload your video to Stream through Office 365
  • When uploading a recording to Stream, you will be required to assign permissions for who can view the video
    • You can make it available to everyone within the university, just a group, or just one person
  • Stream is only accessible for users within the WesternU network

How Do I Access Stream?

  • Simply visit and select "Stream" from the list of available applications


  • Once in Stream, you may then create a channel, upload content, and view shared videos from within the organization

How Do I Add and Remove Viewers in Stream?

Adding and Removing Viewers

  • Access the video in which you'd like to modify permissions by clicking on "My Content", then selecting "Videos"

  • Click on the pencil icon next to the desired video to "Update video details"

  • Here, you may edit the Details, Permissions, and Options for this video
  • To add a viewer to this video, search for the viewer in "Search for People", and click on the magnifying glass, then select "Apply"

  • To remove a viewer, select the "X" next to their name on the Permissions list

  • After each action, you must select "Apply" to save your changes

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