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For staff with Mediasite Scheduler access- how to load an external video into the platform and make it accessible to viewers.
List of Mediasite Schedulers- staff members on campus who have access to schedule/retrieve/maintain recordings in the management portal.
How to load personal recordings not made through Mediasite to the My Mediasite portal.
For faculty and staff users utilizing Mediasite Desktop Recorder- how to post presentations into a shared folder so that they might be moved to the correct area for user access.
How to enable smooth streaming on Mediasite presentations to improve video playback.
Content creation for the Online Education department only- how to download and register your Mediasite Desktop Recorder.
How to use the Mediasite personal recording software.
How to download and use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder as well as how to access recordings in the user portal. Any user with a WesternU email is able to download and use this software on their personal desktop or laptop.
When recording on Zoom, always make sure to record to the cloud. If you record locally, it will only be saved to your computer. We highly recommend this that way nothing that is recorded will be lost.
How to record a Zoom presentation so the recording file is accessible locally on your computer.
Workflow for recording curriculum in Zoom and transferring the recordings to Mediasite.
Decision tree for which software service to record content with.
How to download an mp4 version of a presentation from your My Mediasite portal.