Duplicating a Team in Microsoft Teams

How Do I Duplicate a Team in MS Teams?

  • In Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to create a new team by duplicating a previously created team you have developed 
  • Follow the below steps to duplicate a team

Creating a Team by Duplicating Another

  • Open Microsoft Teams and click on the Teams logo in the left menu bar

  • Select "Join or Create a Team" in the upper right corner

  • Select "Create Team"

  • Select the type of team you'd like to create
    • In order to duplicate a team, you must create the same type of team you are duplicating

  • Select "Create a team using an existing team as a template"

  • Select the team you'd like to duplicate, then select "Choose Team"

  • Add your team description, select the features you'd like to duplicate in the team, then select "Create"

  • You may now choose to add the members to your team
    • You may also skip this step and add members after you have designed the team to your liking

  • Be sure to change the name of your team by clicking on the ellipses next to the team name and selecting "Edit Team"
    • This is where you will also be able to add members, change permissions to add additional owners of the team, etc

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