Making Calls with Microsoft Teams

How Do I Make a Call with Microsoft Teams?

  • Microsoft Teams can be used to make voice calls within the University for fellow Teams users
  • Teams may also be used to call outside the University network to another Microsoft Teams account
    • IF an external contact has a Microsoft email address or another organization that is using Microsoft they can be called through their full email address through either Call Contacts or /call and typing in their full email address 

How to Make a Call

Internal Calls to a Teams Account

  • Create a chat window with the person, and select the video or voice call feature

  • You may also use the "/call" quick command in the top search bar of Teams, and entering their name, to call them directly

External Phone Calls

  • To make an external call using Teams to another Teams account, use the /call feature in the search bar, and enter their full email address attached to their Teams account


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