Taking Attendance in Microsoft Teams

How Do I Take Attendance In My Microsoft Teams Meeting?

  • To take attendance in Microsoft Teams, you must:
    • Be the owner/scheduler of the meeting
    • Download attendance report before ending the meeting
      • NOTE: You will not be able to go back to a historical meeting and access the attendance report
    • Wait until end of meeting to get all attendance data
      • Attendance report will show you when an attendee joins and leaves the meeting


Downloading Attendance Report

  • Prior to ending the meeting, click on the "Participants" icon


  • In the Participants tab, click on the "Download Attendance List" icon

Accessing Your Downloaded Report

  • Once your report has downloaded, you will need to download the .csv file in Teams
  • Select "Files" in the left column of your Teams app
  • Select "Downloads" in the file list


  • Select the meeting attendance file you would like to view
    • This will download to an Excel format file


  • You may now open the file and view the list of attendees, the point at which they joined the meeting, as well as the point where they left the meeting


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