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Accessing and Utilizing OneDrive Remotely

Accessing and utilizing OneDrive for file access and sharing

Accessing Folders and Files in OneDrive

This article explains how to access your file folder library from OneDrive within the WesternU Office 365 portal. The article explains how to select a file folder in order to make changes to it. The article also helps you understand how to open a folder in order to select a specific file to access.

Adding Alt Text to Images in Microsoft

How To instructions for adding Alt Text to images in any Microsoft Office application (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc)

Duplicating a Team in Microsoft Teams

Instructions for duplicating a team in Microsoft Teams

How To Create a Voice Over in PowerPoint

Quick and easy instructions on how to add a voice over to your PowerPoint presentation

How to Install Office 365 Applications on Your Device(s)

Instructions on how to install Microsoft Office applications on your device

How to Use Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office Applications

Provides how to instructions on using the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office Applications

Quick Parts for Word and Outlook

Quick Parts is helpful for individuals who regularly use phrases or blocks of text in documents and emails.

Recall an Email in Outlook

Recall a message in Outlook

Signing In and Saving to OneDrive

This knowledge base article will show you how to check that your OneDrive is signed in and backing up/saving your files.

Using Breakout Rooms in MS Teams

Learn how to use Breakout Rooms in teams