How to Send an E-Mail or Meeting Invite to a Large Distribution Group

How do I send an e-mail to a large distribution group?

  • What is the best (and in some cases required) method for sending an e-mail to a large distribution group via Outlook that will prevent someone from accidently Replying-All? 


  • When composing an e-mail select the Options tab. Then select the Bcc button to show the Bcc… line. You should only have to do this step once, then the Bcc… line will stay on until you remove it.

  • Put the distribution group(s) you want to send to in the Bcc line. You may want to add other e-mail addresses in the Cc line. This is your intended reply audience. This will prevent anyone from accidently Replying All to the entire distribution group, instead they will be replying back to only you or the address(es) you have specified in the Cc line. Optionally, you can add your e-mail address in the To line.

  • This is an example of how the e-mail will look all recipients:

How to add Bcc recipients to a meeting request

  • Officially, Microsoft indicates that there is no way to Bcc a calendar meeting / invite. HOWEVER, we have found success with using the following method. 
    1. From Outlook, click on the New Appointment button
    2. In this window click on the Scheduling Assistant tab
    3. In the next screen, add the distribution group (e-mail) you want to invite to the Resource (Room or Equipment) location

When you return to the Meeting tab the distribution group (e-mail) will have moved into the Required field and you will receive warning to BCC, however, in our experience this works and looks as though it was Bcc'd to each recipient. For additional questions or guidance in sending this type of invite please contact TechSupport at 909-469-5432 for assistance.  

Additional Information

  • Following this best practice will ensure that recipients cannot Reply-All to the e-mail other than the specific individuals you have included in the To: or Cc: lines. 
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