Purchasing Apps Through the Apple App Store (Employees)


  • Can I purchase an app for my iPad.
  • How can I purchase an app for my iPad?


Yes, apps can be purchased for your iPad; however, the iPad will need to be managed in order for IT to push the app to the device.

Apps for iPads can only be purchased and pushed to an iPad if the device is enrolled in Jamf.

  • Note: Management with enrollment with Jamf is not required to purchase an iPad.
  • Enrollment is only required with Jamf if you would like to purchase an app to use on the iPad.
    • It will cost $9.00 per iPad to enroll and have the device managed in Jamf.
      • Jamf enrollment is only charged back to the college/department when 10+ devices are managed in Jamf.

Options for iPad Enrollment in Jamf

The following options for iPad Enrollment are available:

  • Managed in Jamf
    • Intune is not needed.
    • Unable to use Microsoft apps.
    • We can purchase and push apps to your device. (Apps with In-App Purchase are excluded/not supported.)
  • Not Managed in Jamf
    • Must have Intune installed on device.
    • Can use Microsoft apps.
    • IT Purchasing will not able to purchase and push apps to your device.
      • You will need approval from UFST and IT Purchasing prior to purchasing apps and requesting reimbursement.
        • Apps with In-App Purchases could then be used.
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