New Employee IT Cheat Sheet


  • How do I set up a new employee once they have started work at the university?

Setting up an Account

Account Password

New users will need to have their password set up by TechSupport, this can be completed in one of the ways listed below

  1. Call us at x5432 from a WesternU phone. Please have a supervisor or manager present during the time of this call for verification purposes
  2. Visit the TechSupport office on your respective campus with any valid picture ID (not available during work from home mandates)
  3. Users not on campus can call us at (909) 469-5432, there will be a verification process before your password can be reset. Additionally, please be at a computer at the time of your call. 

Users can change/reset their password using the instructions found at the link below:

Change or Reset WesternU Password


Set up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be setup using the steps at the link below. It is recommended to use the Authenticator App for this.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication Instructions
  2. Microsoft Authenticator Instructions


Set up Voicemail

Your voicemail will need setup, instructions on setting up your voicemail for the first time can be found by visiting the article below:

Voicemail Account Setup

If at any time the voicemail pin needs to be reset, please submit a Telecom Request, link below:

Telecom Request

Setting up a Device

Connect to the WiFi

Now that your account is setup, you can connect to the WiFi using the steps below 

Connecting to eduroam


Set up Company Portal

Email setup on mobile devices (phones and tablets) requires the InTune Company Portal app to be installed and configured for use. Intune Company Portal ensures your mobile device stays secure and allows IT to delete your email account in case your device is compromised or stolen.

Instructions on setting up the Company Portal can be found below

  1. InTune Company Portal - Android
  2. InTune Company Portal - iOS


Setting up Email/Calendars

Email can be set up and accessed on mobile devices using the instructions below. iOS devices can use the built-in mail app or the Outlook App. Android users MUST use the Outlook app. Please note the InTune Company Portal is required for email on mobile devices (phones and tablets).

  1. Email Setup - Android (iOS users can use these instructions for using the Outlook App)
  2. Email Setup - iOS
  3. Email Setup - Windows 10 
  4. Email Setup - MacOS

Email can also be accessed via the web on any web enabled device by signing in with your username and password at

Additional Access/Setup

Other forms/requests that are not always required, but often needed, can be found below:


Remote Access

Users can request remote access using the link below. Remote access allows users to VPN to the WesternU network to access local resources (such as network drives and applications) as well as remotely control their office computer. This request requires approval from a manager or supervisor.

Remote Access Request

Instructions on using the GlobalProtect VPN and remoting to your WesternU computer can be found at the link below:

How to Use and Configure GlobalProtect


Shared Network Folders

If you need access to specific folders in shared drives for your college, please fill out and submit a request using the link below. Please be thourough in the information provided as the Account Administrator cannot provide access to folders that are not expressly stated in the request. 

Shared Network Folder

If the folder is not part of the user's department J drive, they will need to manually map the folder using the instructions below:

  1. Connecting to a Network Folder in Windows
  2. Connecting to a Network Folder in MacOS


Shared Calendar

Many departments use shared calendars to track appointments, time off, and room reservations. If you require access to a calendar of this nature, please fill out a Calendar Request using the link below:

Calendar Request

If the new user wishes to share their calendar details with others, they can follow the steps at the below link:

Adding Users to your Calendar

To add a shared Calendar to the Outlook app, please use the steps below:

Accessing a Shared Calendar

or to Access a Public Folder Calendar


Shared Mailbox

Many departments use a shared email account to send/receive emails to campus, students, and outside entities. If you require access to an inbox of this type, please fill out a Mailbox Access Request using the link below. 

Mailbox Access Request

Once permissions to a shared mailbox have been given, it can be added to your Outlook application using the steps in the article below:

Accessing a Shared Mailbox


Sharepoint Access

Some colleges and departments utilize Sharepoint for their work. To request access to a specific site, list, library or item, please use the link below:

Sharepoint Access Request


Zoom App

Instructions on using SSO to sign into Zoom with WesternU credentials.

How to Sign into Zoom


Additional Requests/Documentation

Our knowledge base is ever expanding, to look for a request form or documentation to assist you with your IT needs, feel free to use the search bar search the client portal at the top of this page. 

Additional Resources

Training Classes

For training on various systems and applications at WesternU. 

*Please sign into the website with a WesternU User Name (Everything before the @ from WesternU email) and the same password.

My WesternU Portal

WesternU's web-based application hub used for quick access to various university systems.


WesternU Status Page

A web page for the status of various systems at WesternU.

The status may be any of the following:Operational, Degraded Performance, Partial Outage, Major Outage and Under Maintenance.

Contacting TechSupport

We always prefer users use a request form when possible, but for general inquiries and service we can can be contacted in the ways listed below:

Phone: (909) 469-5432, (x5432) for internal calls

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