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Pinned Article WesternU HIPAA Training and Certification

This purpose of this article is to explain the various scenarios in which a student and/or staff member may request access to the medical records systems and the necessary requirements they need to fulfill in order for their request to be granted.

Accessing Epic Shadow Environment (Epic Read-Only/Backup)

For information regarding the read-only Epic environment for access to patient information during scheduled or unscheduled downtime.

Accessing the Epic Backup Site (Business Continuity Access)

For information regarding accessing Epic schedule information during unplanned downtime (outage, connectivity issues, etc...)

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) Process

Reference guide regarding the process for electronically prescribing controlled substances via the Epic EHR system.

Epic - Citrix Workspace Setup

Before you can launch Epic from the portal web page, Citrix Workspace first needs to be installed on your computer. This article will outline the setup/installation process for Citrix Workspace, and address the fixes for known issues.

Epic - Remote Access

Reference Guide for Epic Remote Access

How to Access Epic (from WesternU)

For reference on accessing the Epic system from WesternU

Printing Labels Out of Epic

Reference guide for printing labels out of Epic

Update My Footer (Epic Optometry Navigator)

For assisting providers with updating their footer within the Optometry Navigator (Epic).