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How to Start/Handle Cloud Recordings on Zoom

When recording on Zoom, always make sure to record to the cloud. If you record locally, it will only be saved to your computer. We highly recommend this that way nothing that is recorded will be lost. ... zoom ... Enabling Cloud Recording Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator with the privilege to edit account settings, and click Account Settings. Navigate to the Recording tab and verify

How to Optimize Zoom Recordings for Use With the Mediasite Integration

How to enable a user setting in Zoom to allow integration imports to create downloadable content in Mediasite. This solution is an interim fix for downloadable content errors in Mediasite. ... zoom ... How to Optimize Zoom Recordings for Use With the Mediasite Integration Important Notes This solution is an interim fix for downloadable content errors in Mediasite while using the Zoom to

Creating Virtual Breakout Rooms during Zoom Session

zoom-lecture ... Overview  Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions. The meeting host or co-host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate

How to Optimize Zoom Recordings for Video Editing Use

How to Optimize Zoom Recordings for Video Editing Use Important Notes This setting is an account-level setting and may increase file sizes and processing wait times for all recordings

How to give someone Scheduling privileges on your Zoom Account

zoom ... for another user (third-party plugins) Scheduling for another user (Zoom) Prerequisites Both users must have a Licensed or On-Prem and be on the same account For a webinar, both users

What Software Should I Record With?

zoom ... Recordings Software How to Use the Mediasite Personal Recordings Software How to Record a Meeting in Teams How to Start/Handle Cloud Recordings in Zoom

Leave of Absence

Please provide a few dates and times that you are available to meet with Dr. Park. Also let us know if you prefer a Zoom meeting, or to talk over the phone.

IPE Technology Inquiry

For issues or questions about Zoom, MS Teams, or other technical tools. ... zoom ... needing help with. Choose from the following:      Zoom      Microsoft Teams      General Tech - any other tech issue related to the IPE course. Please fill out the description area with as much detail as you can.

COMP-NW Conference Room User Guide

light while they are muted. Volume Control Camera Zoom Controls where the camera is looking. Troubleshooting If the displays in the conference room look strange, or distorted when

HSC Lecture Hall West - A/V Training

what the Doc-Cam is receiving.  The controls will allow the user to adjust the focus and the zoom, including the lighting.  The user can, and usually will, control the Doc-Cam directly from the

HEC Classroom C - A/V Training

/thunderbolt cable stored in cubby on lectern desktop) Doc Cam: Document camera is stored in the drawer on the right side of the lectern, controls power, lamp, zoom, and focus/auto focus for the Doc-Cam

New Student IT Orientation Helpful Links

Pharos MyPrintCenter Instructions on using the navigating the pharos portal page Pharos Printer Locations Campus map displaying Pharos Printer and Account Stations   Zoom

HEC Classroom D - A/V Training

user to power on/off each of the confidence monitors Camera: For the user to configure and adjust the 4 cameras in the room Media Site & Zoom Config:  DO NOT USE Lighting Control: For the users

HSC GAIT Lab - AV Training

Zoom calls or Teams calls.  The default camera for this setting is Camera 1 (The left camera, and also labeled 1).  Both display monitors will go into PC Extended View while the remote audience will view

Video Conferencing Request