HEC Lecture Hall 1/2 - How to present a Laptop/Tablet Screen using Zoom on the Projectors Screens

1. Tap the Touch Panel and Log in with Code: 309 and select "Done".

2. After the code has been entered, the touch panel will be in the Main Menu.

3. Please select "PC" on both L and R Sources to Power on the Projectors.

4. Now sign into Zoom on the Podium PC. Link to Knowledge Base Article on How to sign into Zoom: https://support.westernu.edu/TDClient/1848/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=102712  

5. Once signed into Zoom, please start a New Meeting. 

6. Now switch over to the Laptop/Tablet that will be Displayed to the Projectors Screens. With the Laptop/Tablet, please Join the Zoom Meeting that was Started on the Podium PC as a Guest. NOTE: Please Enter the Meeting ID and Passcode to Join the Zoom Meeting.    

7. Once in the Zoom Meeting as a Guest, Please select the Screen Share Button

8. Once the Screen Share Button is Selected. A Pop-Up Window will appear. Please select the Screen/Application that would like to be shared to the Audience. For Example, In this step-by-step I will chose Mircosoft PowerPoint.

9. Once Screen/Application is Selected: It will now be displayed on the Projectors in HEC: Lecture Hall 1/2.

10.To navigate through the Application/Screen please use the Tablet/Laptop that is being shared to the audience. For Example, I will use the laptop to control Mircosoft PowerPoint

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