HEC Classroom C - A/V Training

Touch Panel

To use the AV in the room, you will need to turn on the AV system via the touch panel installed into the lectern tabletop.  Tap on the screen to awaken the touch panel and the WesternU logo will appear with the location name, CLASSROOM C, shown.  Tap on the screen once again to bring up the password screen.  Input ‘309’ and ‘Done’ to access the interface.  You will now see the interface with the room listed on top with the date and time displayed. 

There are three panels of selections to control the AV system:  System, L Source, and R Sources

System: User selects what functions in the room to control

L Sources: User controls what sources to display for the Left Projector

R Sources: User controls what sources to display for the Right Projector

Tap on the PC source under both L Sources and R Sources to power on the AV system and the projectors will turn on.  The projection screens in front of the classroom will automatically come down.  The projectors will take a few minutes to warm up before displaying the source properly.


Under System, here are the available selections:

  • Displays: Controls to the projectors on/off
  • Projectors: Controls to projectors on/off, mute/unmute, and screen up/down and it includes projector lamp hour information
  • Lights: Controls to the lighting controls
  • Volume: Controls to the volume for Handheld mic, Lavalier microphones, and Program (PC/Laptop)
  • System Off: Controls to turn off AV system


The following selections under both L Sources and R Sources and are fairly self-explanatory

  • PC: Main PC in the room
  • VGA: Laptop VGA input (stored in cubby on lectern desktop)
  • HDMI: HDMI input (stored in cubby on lectern desktop)
  • MAC: Mac Laptop input (mini display port/thunderbolt cable stored in cubby on lectern desktop)
  • Doc Cam: Document camera is stored in the drawer on the right side of the lectern, controls power, lamp, zoom, and focus/auto focus for the Doc-Cam
  • Front Camera: Camera that is mounted on the back wall, controls the pan/tilt, zoom, focus and presets for this camera
  • Back Camera: Camera that is mounted on the back wall, controls the pan/tilt, zoom, focus and presets for this camera

Video Conferencing


Zoom is possible in the classroom, except there is no video camera built into the room for native use.  Therefore, the user will need to bring in a webcam or a video camera of their own or they will need to coordinate with IT prior to the event in order to have a camera setup for their event.


HaiVision is not available in HEC Classroom C


Touch panel control: AMX touch panel

Lectern Displays: Dell Displays on articulated swivel arm mounts

Confidence Monitors: 2x Displays mounted on the back of the wall facing the lectern

Projector: TBD

Microphone: Shure ULXD microphones:  1x Handheld microphone, 1x Lavalier/Lapel microphone

Doc-Cam: Wolfvision VZ-9.4F


Slide Advancer with laser pointer

Further Assistance

If you require further assistance with Classroom C, please contact TechSupport at x5432 or Techsupport@westernu.edu.
If your event/lecture is at a later time, please include the time, date, and location of the event and assistance can be scheduled.


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