COMP-NW Conference Room User Guide


The conference rooms in COMP-NW have seen some changes. This article is designed to help you understand how to use the new setup that is in place.

Using the Conference Room Computer

  1. The conference room is supplied with a desktop computer for customers to access and use while in the conference room. If you intend to use this device, please make sure that the green number "1" button is lit up on the button shown below If not, press the button to cycle it.

  2. After the green number "1" is displayed hit any button on the supplied keyboard. The displays should come up within a few seconds. proceed to sign into either your WesternU account, or you can sign into the conference room account. The information for the conference room account is displayed on the bottom of the supplied keyboards. After you are logged in you should be able to use the computer as normal.

Using a Laptop

  1. The conference room supports the ability for customers to bring their own laptops for use with the conference room systems. To get started press the button shown below so that the green number "2" is displayed.

  2. After the green number "2" is displayed, please connect your laptop using the supplied USB-C cable circled below.
  3. After you are connected, you can either use your laptops keyboard/mouse, or the one provided in the conference room. You should now be able to use your laptop with the conference room systems.

Using the Logitech Remote

  1. Mutes and unmutes the microphones. The microphones on the table will have a red light while they are muted.
  2. Volume Control
  3. Camera Zoom
  4. Controls where the camera is looking.


  1. If the displays in the conference room look strange, or distorted when using your laptop, please refer to the linked KB articles below.
    Connecting to External Displays
  2. If using Zoom, or Teams; you can't hear people, they can't hear you, or they can't see you. Please refer to the linked articles below
    Changing Zoom Audio
    Changing Zoom Video
    Changing Teams Devices
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