EHR account requests (including remote access), password resets, or account unlocks, Clinical technology issues (system, workstation, software issues).

Services (5)

EHR Account Request

For Student, Employee, and External User (non-WesternU) EHR Account Requests (new account, password reset, account unlock, etc).

Epic (EHR) Remote Access Request

For individuals requesting remote access to the Epic (EMR) System. Note: You must have completed the required HIPAA Training ( to be granted access to Epic and/or the Remote Portal.

Report ECI Technology Issue

For reporting technical issues and/or concerns regarding the ECI Exam and Consult Rooms.

General IT Issue (WesternU Health Only)

For issues directly (and immediately) impacting a person, group, or department.

General IT Request (WesternU Health Only)

For (non-urgent) assistance regarding a clinical issue or request