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This form is to request desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers/scanners, phones, accessories, and Audio Visual related items

For Telecom related requests that are not issues (number transfer, call history, etc...)

Submit a request if you require assistance or sign-off from CPM for hospital orientation documents or online onboarding.

Click here to cancel an existing TOR.

Notify IT of an issue with SharePoint.

Submit a service request for Clinical Support

Add and Drop Classes

Please use this form for up to five external applications (VSAS/VSLO/Clinician Nexus) that you need released. If your application requires documents to be uploaded by your HOME institution, please indicate that for each application.(Clinical Rotations-COMP)

Questions regarding exam dates or exam procedure.

Please use this form to submit a COMP Scheduled site or preceptor rotation request.(Clinical Rotations-COMP)

Service Request to relocate or add a Data Port for a wired connection.

Request a new SharePoint site, additional site features, or changes to an existing SharePoint site.

For reset requests related to any clinical system

Name Change Request

Please use this form to request or submit documents to or from our office.(Clinical Rotations-COMP)

Form for requests and questions related to the classroom/personal recording system Mediasite.

Questions with curriculum related technologies, Elentra, ExamSoft, Mediasite, Top Hat, etc.

If you are considering a leave of absence, or have questions about your current LOA, use this form to schedule a meeting with Dr. Park.