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Epic - Remote Access

version of Citrix Workspace available for download from the Microsoft Store does not properly launch Epic.  You'll need to install Workspace directly from the Citrix website using one of the above

Clearing the Browser Cache / Removing Saved Passwords

items. Click Clear Now. Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser. Microsoft Edge In the top right, click the Hub icon (looks like star with three horizontal lines). Click the

WesternU Email Setup (Windows)

Question How do I sync my WesternU email on my Windows computer? Step-by-step Note: These steps require you to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. Outlook along

MFA support for Mac Mail

proceeding. If you do not wish to upgrade at this time, the recommended application, Microsoft Outlook for Mac works with older versions of macOS. Process Upgrade to Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave

Changing Printer Defaults (SHARP MFP)

between programs and printer models, and the instructions below will outline the process for the most commonly used applications at WesternU.  Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (Office 2016 or

Deleting a SharePoint Site

Question How do I delete a SharePoint Site? Step-by-step Deleting a SharePoint Site (Modern Team Site) On the SharePoint Site, select the gear in the upper right corner as

WesternU E-mail Setup/Removal (iOS)

account information fill in the text fields then tap ‘Next’.   6) You will be asked to using Microsoft. 7) ‘Sign in’ using your WesternU email address and password. 8) Tap to

Unenrolling COMP iPads from MDM (Jamf)

but employees must have their device enrolled in the Microsoft Company Portal to be able to access email on their iOS or Android devices If you wipe the iPad at any time, it will automatically re-enroll in Jamf and you will need to repeat this process

How to Send an E-Mail or Meeting Invite to a Large Distribution Group

recipients to a meeting request Officially, Microsoft indicates that there is no way to Bcc a calendar meeting / invite. HOWEVER, we have found success with using the following method.  From

HSC GAIT Lab - AV Training

Zoom calls or Teams calls.  The default camera for this setting is Camera 1 (The left camera, and also labeled 1).  Both display monitors will go into PC Extended View while the remote audience will view

Use and Configure GlobalProtect

using your chosen MFA Method (Text, Authentication App, Etc.) Once connected the icon will show a green checkmark and state Connected. Using Remote Desktop Open the Microsoft Remote

How To Create a Voice Over in PowerPoint

microsoft ... Record your voice over a PowerPoint presentation anytime you need to have the presentation available online for viewing Ensure you have a quality microphone and a quiet space for recording

CHS-NW Classroom/Skills Lab - A/V Training

, all microphones will appear in this list. Please be sure to return microphones to their correct cabinet. Camera The Camera tab will allow you to select an active camera (For Zoom/Teams/Etc

COMP-NW Eastmoreland/Heritage Hall B - A/V Training

camera (For Zoom/Teams/Etc.) as well as change it's position. Tapping and holding a preset will save the current position into that preset. Each camera can have 3 presets.  Shutting Down Turning

WesternU's IT Ecosystem

application for WesternU’s faculty and staff to visit with the intention of gaining a better understanding of our technology products and how they may or may not integrate For our IT team to provide better