How to Use for Video Review

First Time Accessing and Reviewing

  1. Access the (FIO) link provided to you
  • Important Notes
    • Account creation is not necessary for reviewer-only access. Upon first commenting, you will be prompted to enter in an email and preferred name only for the purposes of unique commenting identification by our team, but it does not create an account for you that requires credentials.
    • When you would like to further elaborate on an already existing comment, please be sure to utilize the "Reply" function to keep conversation within the same thread. This more easily allows project team members to confirm what point or topic your comment is referencing.
  1. Review this video link for instruction:

Coming Back for Additional Review

  1. Simply access the same link as previously provided
  2. When leaving additional comments on a link that you have already previously left comments on, a pop-up will appear once every time that link is accessed. Please enter in the same email that was used for the initial review and the site will recognize you as the same reviewer and allow you to alter your previous comments/annotations as needed.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Other Helpful Tips

  • Shortcut keys can help with FIO workflow and make going through video faster than in real-time. 
    • JKL keyboard shortcuts:
      • "K" or spacebar – pause/play video at normal speed
      • "L" each tap fast forwards x2, x4, x8 speed with audio
      • "J" each tap rewinds x2, x4, x8 speed (rewind doesn't play audio)
  • It is helpful to the project team when FIO comments made are on or as close to the beginning of the place the note is referencing.
  • The time stamp on the recording is also often referred to as "timecode" or "TC".
  • Guidance on how to provide feedback

  • The ability to hear audio at a faster playback is dependent on the quality of the reviewer's internet connection. If you are experiencing issues, please follow the steps below:
    • Navigate to the bottom right-hand corner of the player window, click on "720p" and select a lower number. This will reduce video quality for review and allow for smoother playback.


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