Unenrolling COMP iPads from MDM (Jamf)


  • I want to access WesternU email on my COMP issued iPad but I need to unenroll it first, how do I do that?
  • I just completed the removal, but why does my iPad say it is still managed?
    • ​​​​​​​After the removal of the MDM profile you may see in your Settings the text that your device is managed by Western University of Health Sciences.
    • This text has been identified as a visual bug that remains on the device. If you would like for this to be removed, the device will need to be wiped to factory settings and cannot be restored from a back up. 


Open "Settings" on the iPad

In Settings, go to "General" and click on "Device Management"

Under Device Management, click "MDM Profile"

Click "Remove Management" to remove the MDM profile.

The management profile is now removed. You can now install the Company Portal so you can access WesternU email and other resources. This KB article will explain how to do that.

Additional Information

  • All of the COMP iPads were initially enrolled in Jamf Pro for the students, iOS devices cannot be managed by 2 systems at the same time. This is not an issue for students but employees must have their device enrolled in the Microsoft Company Portal to be able to access email on their iOS or Android devices
  • If you wipe the iPad at any time, it will automatically re-enroll in Jamf and you will need to repeat this process
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