Adding Users to Your Calendar


How do I give someone permissions to view, edit, or delegate my Outlook Calendar?


  1. Open the Outlook application
  2. Navigate to the Calendar tab
  3. Right-Click your calendar and select Properties
  4. In the panel select the Permissions tab
  5. Select Add at the bottom of the users window
    1. If the user you are trying to update is already on this list, skip to Step 8
  6. Use the search function to look for the user, using "More Columns" and searching by email address is preferable
  7. Double-click the user, ensure they are in the bottom line, and click OK
  8. Select the user and their permission level, then click Apply

Permission Levels

There are a few levels of permissions available, and are listed below:

  1. Can view when I'm busy
    1. This option will only show when you have an item on your calendar that marks you as "Busy", no further details 
  2. Can view titles and locations
    1. Same as above, but will show the title of the item and it's location, if listed
  3. Can view all details
    1. Users will be able to open and see all the details of a calendar item
  4. Can edit
    1. Users will be able to open and edit any calendar item, but not create them.
  5. Delegate
    1. Users have "Full access" and will be able to create, edit, delete, and view items on your calendar

Additional Information

If you need to update permissions on a shared calendar or a different users calendar, a Calendar Request will need submitted using the link below

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