Accessing a Public Folder Calendar in Outlook


  • How do I access a Public Folder Calendar in Outlook?

Important Note: Public calendars are not accessible via the Outlook mobile app (iPhone, Android, iPad, Chromebook). The desktop application or web version must be used. 


1. In the Outlook Desktop app, select the ellipsis in the lower left hand corner.



2. Then select Folders in the Navigation Options 


3. In the Public Folder expand the All Public Folders



4. Once the All Public Folders is expanded, select the desired Public Calendar by double clicking on it. 



5. We also recommend right-clicking the desired calendar to Add to Favorites. This will two things, it will save the desired calendar in the Favorites folder for easier access but will also allow that Public Calendar to be viewable on Outlook online at


6. Once the desired calendar is saved in the Favorites folder, you may confirm the save as the example shows.


7. Then when navigating to and accessing Calendars it will be available under My Calendars. If the desired calendar is not added to the Favorites folder in the Outlook desktop app, it will not be available online.

8. Access to the Public calendar is now available on the Outlook Desktop App and online. 

Additional Information

If additional assistance is required, please contact Tech Support at (909) 469-5432.


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