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What to Expect After Graduation

Basic Information After you graduate, automatic changes are made to your Office 365 account, including OneDrive and installed applications.  Under our license agreement with Microsoft, once you

Purchasing Apps Through the Apple App Store (Employees)

for iPad Enrollment are available: Managed in Jamf Intune is not needed. Unable to use Microsoft apps. We can purchase and push apps to your device. (Apps with In-App Purchase are

COMP-NW Conference Room User Guide

using your laptop, please refer to the linked KB articles below. Connecting to External Displays If using Zoom, or Teams; you can't hear people, they can't hear you, or they can't see you. Please

WesternU Student Laptop Requirements

being tablets running full versions of Microsoft Windows (e.g. Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Book, etc.); these devices are recommended because they have a full OS and you can take notes on them via a

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Question What is Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)? ATP is a service provided by Microsoft to provide protection in emails containing links and attachments How do I use Advanced Threat

How to Install Mediasite Mosaic for Windows Computers

Question How do I record the Mediasite Mosaic personal recording software for Windows computers? Step-by-step Navigate to the WesternU Microsoft store to download the recording

Re-Enter Password for Email on iOS Devices

Question How do I re-enter my password after the 21-day expiration date? Every 21 days, Microsoft requires that you re-enter your password if your account is added to the Mail app on iOS

Mediasite Desktop Recorder System Requirements

System requirements To use MDR, your server should meet the following requirements: Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9 or 10.10 Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (running in Desktop mode), Windows 8, or

IT Expenses Per User/FTE

items listed below are automatic cost increases associated with increases in headcount. Information Faculty/Staff Licensing Microsoft A5 Office 365 - $119.44 per FTE/year Adobe Acrobat

Recall an Email in Outlook

need the message deleted due to HIPAA or FERPA violations, please submit a Misc. Mailbox Request.    Outlook Web Application (OWA) Microsoft does not allow the recall feature via

Signing In and Saving to OneDrive

collaboration with Office: As a Microsoft platform, OneDrive works closely with Microsoft Office apps, such as Word or PowerPoint – when you launch one of these applications you’ll see a list of recent

How to Use for Video Review

commenting, you will be prompted to enter in an email and preferred name only for the purposes of unique commenting identification by our team, but it does not create an account for you that requires

Software Center

> Microsoft System Center > Software Center 2. Once Software Center is opened, you should see a list of applications that are available to install. 3. To begin installing applications that you may

Intune Device Enrollment (iOS)

microsoft ... Question How do I enroll my iOS device into the Intune Company Portal? Step-by-step Open the 'App Store' Search for 'Intune Company Portal' and download the application after

WesternU E-mail Setup (Outlook App)

://    Step-by-step *If you already have the Outlook app installed on your device: Open the options open Settings tap Add Account select email