Using Rightfax to send faxes.

The University offers a faxing solution that does not require a fax machine to send faxes.

Many departments have fax machines that allow you to send and receive paper faxes. Rightfax is a faxing solution that does not require the use of a fax machine, instead, you use a fax client application installed on your computer at work or your home pc/laptop if you work remotely.

The Rightfax application allows you to fax documents that exist on your pc/laptop such as PDF, Word, Excel documents. You can also send a fax that does not require an existing document by typing the content of your fax in the body of the fax document for a single page fax.

The current configuration works for sending faxes only. While the Rightfax system does allow you to receive faxes, it requires a separate dedicated fax number. However, dedicated/personal fax numbers are not being offered at this time.

Please note that your current office number can only be used for phone calls and not as a fax line. The phone system and the Rightfax server are separate systems and are not currently integrated to work as a single line for phone and fax.



The only requirement to use the Rightfax application is to have it approved by your department manager.

To have the application installed please submit a ticket request for Rightfax Client Installation and include your department manager approval in the ticket.

The Telecom team will schedule the application installation once the ticket has been received.

Thank you,

Telecom Team.

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