AV Support Guide on HPC Breakout Rooms

AV Support Guide on HPC Breakout Rooms

1. How to connect a device to the Displays in the HPC Breakout Rooms

To turn on the Monitor in the HPC Breakout Rooms, please tap on the AV Touch panel to wake up the Display and select "Touch Here to Turn On"

Once selected, the monitor will turn on. A red light on the bottom left side and the Panasonic Logo will appear indicating the TV is on.

Once the Monitor is on, please use the provided HDMI or USB-C Cables to connect your device.

Now connect the selected cable to your device. Please make sure the cable is fully seated into the device.

Once the device is connected with the provided cable. Wait a few seconds and the image from your device should be displayed on the monitor.

2. Navigating the AV Touch Panel

With the AV Touch Panel, the user can adjust the Volume of the Monitor and Turn ON/OFF the Monitor. Please Note: On the AV Touch Panel, the user will see a "Call Instructor" button on the touch panel. This was used for Video Conferencing between the Breakouts Room and Classrooms. However, the University/Colleges have switched over to Zoom/Teams, so this feature is no longer supported in the breakout rooms. 

Please use Zoom/Teams to communicated to any Pharmacy Classroom or HPC Breakout Room.

Once you are done with the Breakout Room, please remember to shut down the system when leaving. Please tap on "Turn TV OFF". This will shut down the AV System and also turn off the TV.

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