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Using Microsoft Teams

Getting started with Microsoft Teams ... microsoftteams ... What is Microsoft Teams? MS Teams is the standard and preferred communication tool for WesternU. Utilize Teams to chat, video or phone conference, share your desktop and share files

Duplicating a Team in Microsoft Teams

Instructions for duplicating a team in Microsoft Teams ... microsoft-teams ... How Do I Duplicate a Team in MS Teams? In Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to create a new team by duplicating a previously created team you have developed  Follow the below steps to

Making Calls with Microsoft Teams

How to make internal and external calls via Teams ... microsoft-teams ... How Do I Make a Call with Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams can be used to make voice calls within the University for fellow Teams users Teams may also be used to call outside the University

Taking Attendance in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to take meeting attendance in Microsoft Teams ... microsoft-teams ... How Do I Take Attendance In My Microsoft Teams Meeting? To take attendance in Microsoft Teams, you must: Be the owner/scheduler of the meeting Download attendance report before

Using Commands in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to use commands in MS Teams, and what commands are available to WesternU employees ... microsoft-teams ... What are Commands in Microsoft Teams? Commands are shortcuts for performing common tasks in Teams: update your status, go to a specific channel, show your recent files and saved messages, and

Check for Updates in Microsoft Teams

microsoft-teams ... Why Check for Updates in Teams? Microsoft is consistently releasing new updates to Teams, and those updates may not always be announced Periodically checking for updates will ensure you

Microsoft Teams and Zoom - Comparison

Comparison of Microsoft Teams and Zoom to better assist you with choosing the application that suits your needs ... teams ... WesternU and Non-WesternU Participants Any email address can be used, even non-WesternU accounts.   To Join a Team: Must have, or be linked to, a Microsoft

Turn on Noise Suppression in Microsoft Teams

microsoft-teams ... What is Noise Suppression in MS Teams? Turning on Noise Suppression in Microsoft Teams will help eliminate background noise in your environment while your microphone is not muted

Microsoft Teams and Stream - Video Permissions

Information regarding permissions in Stream and MS Teams on who can see the videos uploaded to Stream ... microsoft-teams ... It? Recorded Meetings in Microsoft Teams All recorded meetings within Microsoft Teams are automatically uploaded to Stream in Office 365 VIewing permissions in Stream mirror the

How to Use Blur or Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to blur your background for video calls in Microsoft Teams ... microsoftteams ... Background Blur or Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams Blurring your background, or adding a virtual background, in Microsoft Teams while in a video call allows meeting attendees to view

Changing Devices in Teams

microsoft-teams ... Introduction Microsoft Teams is the preferred method of communication internally for the university, this article will help customers understand how to select their appropriate audio, and video

Using Breakout Rooms in MS Teams

Learn how to use Breakout Rooms in teams ... microsoft-teams ... What are Breakout Rooms? Breakout rooms allow a meeting organizer/instructor to split attendees into multiple online rooms for discussion and collaboration in Microsoft Teams Allows you to

How/Where to Create a SharePoint Site

team on Microsoft Teams, then a SharePoint Site has automatically been created. On the team, within the General channel, select the three dots from the top right corner of Teams and then select "Open in SharePoint".

Microsoft Store

Summary of Microsoft Store on Windows 10 ... microsoft ... Question What is the Microsoft Store? The Microsoft Store is an application built into Windows 10 that allows you to install University approved applications without the need for

Setting Up the Microsoft Authentication App

Instructions on how to set up and use the Microsoft Authenticator app for use with WesternU Multi-Factor Authentication ... Question How do I set up the Microsoft Authenicator App for use with WesternU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Before You Start More information on MFA can be found here. This