Accessing and Utilizing OneDrive Remotely

What is OneDrive?

  • Microsoft’s cloud-based file service
  • Users can sync and share files between computer and mobile devices as well as with co-workers and/or fellow students
    • Can be accessed from anywhere users have an internet connection
      • No need to be within our WesternU network
      • Please Note: For security, users should always sign out of Office 365 and OneDrive when using a public computer
  • There is no file size limitation with sharing files with others
    • Great way to share photos or other large sized files
  • Similar to Drop Box or Google Drive because files can be accessed from anywhere and with any device
  • No need to download extra software when using a Windows and/or Android device
    • Please Note: if using a Mac, extra software will need to be downloaded to mirror Windows
  • When files are saved through OneDrive from a desktop computer, it is automatically updated and saved online
  • This is a free subscription available to all WesternU’s students, faculty, and staff

Getting Started with OneDrive

Sign In and Access OneDrive

  • Use any web browser
  • Log into with your WesternU email address and password
  • You now have access to the Office 365 portal homepage
  • Here you will find the Office 365 apps available to you
  • Select "OneDrive"

OneDrive Landing Page

  • You now have access to your OneDrive files on the WesternU Network
    • Left Navigation Panel
      • Here you will see any recent or shared documents, including any libraries within OneDrive you have access to
    • Top Action Menu
      • Here you can create a new folder, upload new documents, videos or files, sync your account, or create a flow
    • Folders and Files
      • Here you can access the folders and files already on your OneDrive

Navigating OneDrive

  • Select "New" to create new folders or files
    • A drop down menu will appear, and you can select what you'd like to create
      • Anything created here will automatically be uploaded to your OneDrive account
      • New "Link" allows you to easily create a link to a file for sharing
  • Select "Upload" to access your files or gallery and upload to the desired location on your OneDrive
    • You may upload files to a folder that is already designated as a shared folder.  Just be sure to select that folder when uploading

Sharing A File or Folder

  • To share any File or folder, simply click on the vertical ellipses next to any file/folder, and select "Share" from the menu that appears
  • You may also copy the link to that file/folder for sharing, and paste it into any email, text, Microsoft Teams message, etc
    • Always be cognizant of HIPAA and FERPA regulations when sharing files or folders
  • Once you've select "Share", OneDrive will ask you for information regardin the person with whom you'd like to share 
  • You may use Outlook to find the information here
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