The Clinical Rotations Office has published a substantial amount of material to help you navigate your clinical education. Please make sure you reference the Clinical Education Manual and the Clinical Education SharePoint site. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please submit a ticket to ask your question, request assistance or express your concern.

Student Clinical Education Manual 2021-22.pdf (

CPM Clinical Education SharePoint link:

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For more information about the APMLE process please refer to the Clinical Education Manual.

If you have questions pertaining to examination dates, policies and procedures, the content outline and other general information, you can go to the APMLE website. For questions about scheduling the examination and testing sites, please call Prometric at (877) 302-8952.

American Podiatric Medical Licensing Examination, Qualifying Tests (


For the “Accommodations assistance” service, please attach the application for accommodations.

Request an appointment with the Clinical Rotations team. Please designate the topic of the meeting so we can ensure the appropriate person meets with you.

For additional information about the CASPR/CRIP process you can reference the Clinical Education Manual. For general information and the residency program directory, please go to the AACPM website.(

For information and to access the application, please follow the link to access the application portal.(

You can access general information and the didactics schedule at the Didactics SharePoint site.

Link for the Didactic SharePoint site:
Didactic Sessions - Home (

Notify Clinical Rotations if you will be late to didactics session.
For absences during didactics, please submit an official TOR

For information regarding immunizations, please refer to the Clinical Education Manual.

Remember that WesternU mandates all students receive the COVID-19 vaccination or obtain an exemption. Health systems/hospitals and other clinical sites are now mandating vaccination or an exemption as well. The exemptions often involve documentation that differs from the WesternU exemption.

For general information about Externships/Clerkships and for the schedule, please access the AACPM externship website. The AACPM Externship application portal can also provide information specific to the application.

The American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM) Externship website

The AACPM application portal