IT Services

The IT Department's Service Catalog (with some outside linked services). If you cannot find what you're looking for, please try the search bar up top, next to your name or use the "General Category" to submit a generic ticket (you may be directed to a different form if we require specific information or manager approval).

Categories (9)

Accounts, Access, Email & SharePoint

Requests for Email, Network Folders, SharePoint, Calendars, etc...

Enterprise Applications (Banner)

Banner, TeamDynamix, SharePoint, EcoSystem, etc....

Network & Telecommunications

Network Connectivity Services which includes Wired and Wireless Data Services.

IT Purchasing

To submit Hardware / AV / Software requests. Please note that the software forms are only available to the Director of Operations/Budget Unit Managers, and a few select individuals.

Online Education

Linked category for our Online Learning department. Online learning is not a part of Information Technology, requests in this category will go to the Online Learning department.

Services (2)

GraphPad Request

This form is to be used by Students, Faculty, and Staff to request a GraphPad license.

Progress IQ

For requests and issues relating to Progress IQ