Hardware / Audio Visual Purchasing Requests



  • This form is to request desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers/scanners, phones, accessories, and audio visual related items.
Please review the One Computing Device policy before submitting a request for a laptop or desktop computer.


  • You can order multiple items using the same form
  • For audio visual orders, please indicate what items you would like to order using the Additional Information field.
  • Please be sure to communicate through the ticket if questions arise.
  • Quotes will be sent to the Director of Operations or Budget Unit Manager(s) through the ticket for approval.

Additional Information

  • For a list of products available to choose from, along with their specs, please review our Product List.
  • If you are not sure which account number to use for your order, please reference the Chart of Accounts - Common Operating and Capital Expenses List located to the right of this screen.

Important Information

  • Please do not use this form to request new hardware or technology that has software bundled in or included with the hardware. Please submit a New Software / Technology Request.
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