How to Enable Smooth Streaming On Mediasite Presentations

*This is a resource for Mediasite Schedulers who have access to the management portal

What is smooth streaming?

  • Smooth streaming is a setting in Mediasite that prompts the system to create different quality versions of the same presentation. When a recording is played, the system will automatically assess the user's internet bandwidth and play the highest quality possible version that can be streamed consistently. This setting is particularly useful for presentations in which viewers are experiencing lag times due to content buffering.

How to enable smooth streaming

  1. Log into the Mediasite management portal with your WesternU credentials
  2. Navigate to and click on the folder where your recording(s) are housed.

  1. Select the checkbox next to every recording for which you’d like to enable smooth streaming. Click on the dropdown for “Manage Content” and select “Add Media”.

  1. Under the dropdown for “Media Type” select “Smooth Streaming”. For the dropdown that appears for “Content Server” select “SmoothStreaming On Demand”. For the dropdowns that may appear for, “Video 1”, “Video 2”, and/or “Video 3”, select “16:9 Smooth Streaming at 15fps (1.5 MB/s Celing 700 KB/s Floor)”. Click “Save”.
    1. If the option for “Smooth Streaming is not available to you from the dropdown, this means that this setting is already enacted for the presentations you selected and no further action is needed.

  1. The system has now been queued to create the smooth streaming files. To check the status of completion, you can:
    1. Click on the title of the individual presentation

  1. Select the subtab for “Stream Details”

  1. Under the area for “Smooth Streaming” you can see your status of completion

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