How to Load External Recordings to My Mediasite

  1. Log into the My Mediasite portal with your WesternU credentials at
  2. In the top right hand corner, click on "Add Presentation"
  3. Select "Browse Files" under the "Upload New Video" area. Select the file you'd like to load ( *Please note that MP4 (.mp4) files are the preferred file type for loading. If your video file type does not load and you need assistance with conversion please contact tech support. )
  4. Enter in a Presentation Name and description if desired. Keep the destination path as "My Drafts" and click "Create Presentation".


  1. The system will now load your media, and you may see messages that state "Presentation Scheduled" and/or "Queued for Processing". Presentation processing time is dependent on the length of the recording/size of the file/queue of other processing jobs in the system (the processors are a shared resource) You can check on the status of your processing by refreshing the page.


  1. Once your recording is fully loaded and available, you will see a snapshot of your recording in the playback window.

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