Adding Zoom to Outlook for Windows

What is Zoom for Outlook and How Do I Add It?

  • Zoom for Outlook is an Add-In provided by Zoom and Microsoft to allow you to quickly add a Zoom link to any meeting request
  • This Add-In will add an icon to your meeting request that allows you to add the link with one click
  • Note:  This Add-In is only for the installed version of Microsoft Outlook, not the web version

To Add and Use the Zoom for Outlook Add-In

Adding Zoom for Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • One the "Home" ribbon, select the "Get Add-Ins" icon
  • In the Add-Ins window, search for "Zoom for Outlook", and select the Add-In
  • Once the Add-In is available, select "Add"
  • Once it is complete, it will say "Added"
  • You will now be able to see the Zoom Add-In in any new meeting request window

Using the Zoom Add-In for Outlook

  • Open a new meeting request in Microsoft Outlook
  • You should now see a Zoom section in your Meeting ribbon. 
  • Select the "+" sign to add a Zoom meeting
  • You will now need to connect your WesternU Zoom account to your WesternU email
    • This is a one time connection, and you will not have to do this every time you create a Zoom meeting within Outlook
  • To connect, click "Sign in with SSO"
  • Enter "westernu" as the domain name, and click "Continue"
    • .
  • This will connect your Zoom and email accounts in Outlook
    • Zoom meeting information will now appear in your meeting invitations
    • These meetings will automatically correspond with the meeting time you created in Outlook


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