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AV Support Guide on How to Use Audio Visual Equipment in VCC: Johnston

Projectors. It also allows the user to Raise/Lower the projector screen. 3. Cameras The "Cameras" Menu allows the end user to adjust Zoom, Focus, Tilt Speed and Pan Speed. You can also move the

COMP-NW Eastmoreland/Heritage Hall B - A/V Training

camera (For Zoom/Teams/Etc.) as well as change it's position. Tapping and holding a preset will save the current position into that preset. Each camera can have 3 presets.  Shutting Down Turning

What is iPaaS?

correct, responsible party on our general service request forms (and others). For example, if one were to use the general service request and select they are having an issue with Zoom, iPaaS sees what

IT Expenses Per User/FTE

posted to account 70280 Zoom Video Conferencing - $39 per FTE/year JAMF (Apple Device Management) yearly - iPad - $9.00 per device, MacOS - $18.00 1 to 1 devices managed in Jamf are paid for by

VIAL Access and FAQ

Instructions On a desktop, laptop, or Mac, visit this link. The game will load directly into your browser window. You may have to zoom in or out to see the entire game window. Tips

Emergency e911 Notice: Using WesternU VoIP Systems

the designated emergency phones, these emergency phones will contact local emergency services closest to the site. Utilizing a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams or Zoom is not recommended for emergency services, please utilize your desk phone (if on campus) or your personal device when remote.

Podium Protocols, Best Practices, and AV Updates

1128 - Classroom D (The Green Room) Classroom/Multimedia Recording/ Distance Learning/Video Conference space The room is Zoom ready, has integrated MediaSite lecture capture, digital integrated

What to Expect After Graduation Other Licensed Software Other software licensed through your WesternU email address will become inaccessible 30 days after graduation. This includes programs such as EndNote, ExamSoft/Examplify, Tophat, Zoom, Qualtrics, and all LMS systems such as Elentra, Canvas, and Mediasite.

Remote and Hybrid Work Mandatory Training

Improved Effectiveness Leading Virtual Meetings Building Relationships While Working From Home Find instructions on using MS Teams or Zoom here

WesternU Student Laptop Requirements

a secondary device with camera and microphone that is connected to a stable Internet (e.g. Wi-Fi, LTE) connection (in most cases a smart phone). This device must be able to run Zoom, which can be

RWC Classroom AV Instructions

Teleconference Instructions: Log into the teleconferencing session (Zoom, Teams, and others similar software), and the video source and audio sources should be configured automatically, however, it can

RWC Trendle Hall AV Training

Teleconference Instructions: Log into the teleconferencing session (Zoom, Teams, and others similar software), and the video source and audio sources should be configured automatically

Working Remotely - FAQ and Best Practices

(Including Teams) Windows 10 only:  Micrsoft Teams: Zoom: Mediasite Desktop

Webpage Addresses – Identifying Deception

cloud hosted and has a domain name and branding. Even when it’s not supported, the IT department can create shortcut webpage addresses that will redirect to your cloud application. Like or You can use these shortcuts in documentation and emails.