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  1. On a desktop, laptop, or Mac, visit this link.
  2. The game will load directly into your browser window.
  3. You may have to zoom in or out to see the entire game window.


  • DO NOT LEAVE CARE PLAN SECTIONS OR HEADERS BLANK. The app may fail to save your care plan if you do.
  • The app auto-saves after each section, so don't be afraid to refresh the page if you have issues.
  • Chrome has speed issues, so try Edge or Safari if it is too slow.


Problem: The app does not load when I visit the link.

Note that VIAL is NOT supported on mobile devices, tablets, or Internet Explorer. Try loading the application on a desktop, laptop, or Mac in either Firefox, Edge, Opera, or Safari. Chrome is also supported, although it can sometimes have performance issues.

Problem: I can't log in to the application.

Note that when logging in you should use your WesternU username and password. Your username is generally the first part of your WesternU email address, though in some rare cases this is different. If you are unsure of your username, reach out to WesternU Tech Support.

If you've failed logging in 3 times in a row, your account will be locked until you contact TechSupport to unlock it. If you think this has happened to you, please reach out to WesternU Tech Support to have your account restored.

Problem: The app is displaying an error and won't continue.

Usually this is related to losing internet connection while using the app, but the error message should have more details. If you've checked your internet connection and are still getting errors, please send them to the support email at the bottom of this page so we can help resolve the error.

Problem: The app is extremely slow to react.

This is a known bug with Chrome, so if possible, please try another browser. If you are not using Chrome and the app is still slow, try closing other browser tabs and other programs so the app has more resources to run.

Problem: The app is frozen when logging in.

This happens when the server is taking a long time to respond. Try refreshing the page.

Problem: The app is frozen when going to the next section.

This happens when the server is taking a long time to auto-save your care plan. Be patient and wait a little while and it will likely save successfully.

Problem: I completed the case but I didn't receive an email with my Care Plan.

Give the server a few minutes to send your Care Plan, as sometimes it can take a minute or two to convert the Care Plan to an email. Also check your Spam folder, just in case your inbox filtered the email. If the email still doesn't show up, you can use the Email button on the Case Selection screen to send the Care Plan again. If it's been over 15 minutes since you've tried using that button to resend your Care Plan and it still isn't in your inbox, please notify us using the support email at the bottom of this page.

Need more Assistance?

For further assistance send an email to with details about the problem.


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