Podium Protocols, Best Practices, and AV Updates

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Classroom and Multimedia Services (CMS), a sub-division of IT Business Processes and Customer Experience, within the IT Department. We promote the effective integration of AV technology and teaching in classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms and study areas on campus. CMS works in partnership with the University's colleges, departments, and outside entities ensuring that the presenter and students/audience has the very best experience possible.

Prepping for your presentation: 5 Best Practices


  1. Arrive early to test out presentations containing videos and audio. Arriving early give us time to optimize audio levels and make any necessary adjustments as required.
  2. If possible test your device in the classroom a day or two before your lecture, so that you and an AV specialist can assess what is needed to present properly.
  3. As a standard practice we recommend that videos are embedded within PowerPoints as an MP4 file and not video links. Video links are dependent on external servers, which could result in degradation of video or audio quality. Downloading the video alleviates that problem. Please consult with an AV specialist on best tools to use for downloads.

Microphone Placement

  1. Placement of lavalier microphones (lapel mics) should be connected to a tie or centered near the chest area approximately 6" - 8" from the chin for optimal natural sound.
  2. Handheld Microphones should be placed 6" - 12" from the speaker 's mouth at a 45 degree angle.

Classroom Podium Protocols

Proper maintenance and housekeeping of our classroom systems will preserve the life of costly AV equipment and ensure that it performs at its optimum best

Please follow these general housekeeping rules

  1. Do not leave perishable food items, academic literature, office supplies, scantrons, laptop power supplies and any personal belongings on our WesternU campus podiums. All personal items that are not native to our podium will be discarded after our daily routine inspections.
  2. Do not remove any mobile lecture devices from the podium. (Example.. PowerPoint advancers, microphones).
  3. Always place the rechargeable mouse back on the charger after utilization, to ensure it is ready for the next presenter.
  4. If using rechargeable batteries for microphones, always place the batteries back on the charger for the next presenter. NEVER put non-rechargeable batteries in a charger.
  5. Under no circumstances use force to open a podium. Please call your appropriate department representative to unlock the podium for you or contact Tech Support at extension 5432 for assistance.
  6. Never raise the classroom microphones or computer volume to the maximum level. This will damage the speakers.
  7. Always remember to shut of the classroom AV system when class is not in session, this will preserve the life span of the equipment.

AV Updates (Summer 2019)

The following AV integrations and upgrades have taken place over the summer

HEC Room 1128 - Classroom D (The Green Room)
Classroom/Multimedia Recording/ Distance Learning/Video Conference space

The room is Zoom ready, has integrated MediaSite lecture capture, digital integrated white broad, high resolution document camera, AirMedia to support BYOD. Elevated back row standing or seating. Multiple microphones: 2 lavalier and 6 handhelds; presenter and audience integrated cameras.

HEC Breakout Rooms

Upgraded with 55" 4Kmonitors & AirMedia to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wirelessly.

Upgraded HEC Classroom A, B, E, and F with laser projection

Offers longer lasting brightness, lower maintenance & improved color and contrast. There is no change in how you access them through the control touch panel.

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