Accessing a Shared Mailbox


  • How do I access a shared mailbox in Outlook for Windows?
  • How do I access a shared mailbox in Outlook for Mac?
  • How do I send "From" a shared mailbox in the Outlook desktop app?
  • How do I access a shared mailbox in Outlook Web Access (OWA)?


Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook for Windows

1. To add another mailbox, launch Microsoft Outlook 2016 then click the File tab > click Info tab > Account Settings > Account Settings.

2. In Account Settings, select your current Mailbox and click Change.

3. On the next screen select More Settings.

4. Select the Advanced tab and click the Add button.

5. Type in the name of the mailbox then Click OK.

6. Once the name of your mailbox is created, click Add and Apply.

7. Finish out the wizard by clicking Next, and then Finish on the Change Account screen.

8. Close out of the Account Settings screen, and then select your new mailbox in the mail pane to populate it with your messages.

Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook for Mac

1. In Outlook hit "Tools" and select "Accounts"

2. On the Accounts screen that pops up, click "Advanced" in the bottom right corner

3. Select the "Delegates" tab on the window that pops up

4. Under the section that says "Open these additional mailboxes", click the +

5. In the window that pops up, type in the name of the mailbox in which you have access to then click "Add"

6. The mailbox should now appear in your main Outlook window. It may take time to process email if the mailbox is large

Accessing in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

1. Login to

2. Once logged in, click your name in the top right corner and select "Open Another Mailbox"

3. Type in the name of the mailbox and click on it

4. The mailbox should open in a new tab or window 


Adding a Shared Inbox as a "From" in the Outlook Desktop app (Windows or Mac)

  1. Click New Email to compose a new email
  2. Click Options and select From in Show Fields group 
  3. Then click the drop down in From and select Other Email Address 
  4. Then select From 
  5. Then Search for the Shared Inbox Name. Please confirm that the Address Book is selected to Global Address List 
  6. Highlight the Shared Inbox Name and select OK. 
  7. The Shared Inbox will now be an option in the From box in new messages.


Additional Information

If you are unable to access a mailbox, these could be some reasons:

  • The administrator might not have permitted access. If so, contact Techsupport for further instructions and assistance.
  • You entered an incorrect name for the mailbox; again, contact Techsupport.
  • You may not yet have access. You can request access to a mailbox by submitting this form.
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