How to Use Blur or Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams


Learn how to blur your background for video calls in Microsoft Teams


Background Blur or Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

  • Blurring your background, or adding a virtual background, in Microsoft Teams while in a video call allows meeting attendees to view you, but prevent background distractions for the viewer, while protecting your privacy

How to Change Your Background

  • Ensure that you are using the desktop version of Microsoft Teams, not the web version
  • Enter into the video call
  • Once you are in the call, hover over the video picture in the meeting
    • Click on the ellipses in the middle of the call menu
    • Select "Show Background Effects"


  • You may now select between the blurred background, or any of the virtual backgrounds within Teams
    • Select "Preview" to view before changing
    • Select "Apply" to allow others to see


WesternU Branded Backgrounds


Additional Information

  • To learn how to connect and use Microsoft Teams, please view this article
  • Some older computers do not have the processing power to blur



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