Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), sometimes refered to as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of your WesternU account beyond just a username and password

How Do I Use Multi-Factor Authentication?

If you travel or visit outside the country and use a different phone number, please ensure you set up your additional phone or use the Authenticator App to retain access to your account when traveling. 

  • When accessing your account or WesternU resources from off-campus an additional security verification will be required. At this time your chosen MFA method will be used to confirm your identity and grant access to the resource(s) you are attempting to access. 
  • If you have multiple authentication methods, you can select your prefered option and access all other options with the link "Having trouble? Sign in another way" when being asked for verification. 
  • After verifying a log-in with MFA, many applications will have a checkbox marked "Don't ask again for 21 days". This will allow the device to remember your login and not prompt for MFA verifcation for 3 weeks. It is not reccomended to check this box on a shared device. 

Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

If MFA is not set up on your account the first time you attempt to access a resource off campus, MFA registration will be mandatory before gaining access

  1. In a web-browser, access
  2. Sign in with your full WesternU email address (I.E and your current password
  3. Once signed in you will be prompted to select an Authentication Method, outlined below
    1. Authentication Phone: This will either call or text your personal cell phone for verification
      1. Do not use your office phone or a number you will not have access to when off-campus
      2. Select the country code for the phone number and input the full 10-digit phone number
      3. You will receive a text with a 6-digit code to input and verify the device
    2. Authenticator App: This will be an app that will notify you or provide a code for verification.
      This is the preferred method of MFA, detailed instructions on this setup can be found here, and attached to this article for download.
      1. Download the Authenticator app from your repective App Store
      2. In the app, press the "+" and select Work or School Account
      3. Scan the QR Code with the device to add your account automatically
    3. Alternate Authentication Phone: This is the same as Authentication Phone above, but allows a second phone number to be added

Updating Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. In a web browser, access 
  2. Sign in with your full WesternU email address (I.E and your current password.
  3. Verify the login via your preferred MFA Method (this is always required when accessing your MFA options).
  4. Update/remove/add your MFA methods using the directions in Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication.

Lost Access to your Device? Need Assistance?

  • If you experience issues or require assistance, feel free to contact TechSupport at or (909) 469-5432
  • If you need to have your MFA methods reset and do not have access to your device. Please contact TechSupport at
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