New Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Number Matching

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Number Matching?

  • Microsoft has deployed Number Matching for the Authenticator App approvals which has replaced the 'Approve/Deny' buttons
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Number matching requires users to enter in a two-digit number from the login screen to their Authenticator App
  • This is a new security deployment from Microsoft across the board, as a tenant WesternU must comply with these changes

**Note**  Microsoft has also removed Apple Watch Authenticator App support along with their changes as seen here


How this Works

  1. After entering your WesternU credentials when logging into one of our sites, you will see your two-digit number

  2. MFA approval notifications will work the same as before, you will receive a notification for approval on your mobile device
  3. When you open your Authenticator App you will see the following approval screen
    (some devices may also display a geographic map)
    (select 'I can't see the number' if you are signing into a Microsoft app from your same device)

  4. Enter your two-digit number and select Yes, now you have completed your MFA Sign-in
        If you do not recognize the login attempt then select No, its not me



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