Mediasite-Enabled Classrooms

The classrooms below currently have Mediasite automated recording capability. This includes the ability to record a dual feed video of the presenter and content sources (i.e. podium computer and document cameras), as well as audio from the podium microphones and content sources.

Pomona Campus

  • HEC Classroom A
  • HEC Classroom B
  • HEC Classroom C
  • HEC Classroom D
  • HEC Classroom E
  • HEC Classroom F
  • HEC Dental Simulation Lab
  • HEC Lecture Hall 1
  • HEC Lecture Hall 2
  • HPC AMP 1 (Prem Reddy)
  • HPC AMP 2
  • HPC Bartlett Theater
  • HPC Pod 1A/1B (recording for Pod 1B is only possible when the separating wall is lowered, when utilizing the full room, always select Pod 1A for scheduling)
  • HPC Pod 2
  • HPC Pod 3
  • HSC OMM Lab
  • HSC Gait Lab
  • URC/RWC Swift Hall
  • URC/RWC Trendle Hall
  • VCC Johnston

Lebanon Campus

  • COMP NW Eastmoreland
  • COMP NW Lecture Hall 1
  • COMP NW Lecture Hall 2
  • CHS Rm 147


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