How to Load an External Video to Mediasite

*This is a resource for staff who have Mediasite Scheduler access

*Please note that MP4 (.mp4) files are the preferred file type for loading. If your video file type does not load and you need assistance with conversion please contact tech support.

  1. Navigate to the folder you’d like the recording to be placed into

  1. Click the dropdown “Add New” and select “Presentation”

  1. Select the template from the top “Change Template” dropdown menu- “*Default – On Demand Only Video and Slides”

  1. If you’d like to display the date and time the recording was made, you can change that information here (though changing this is not necessary)

*It’s not necessary to enter in a duration as the system will automatically display this once the video has been loaded

  1. Enter the title you’d like displayed for the recording and press “Save”

  1. Click “Upload New Video” and select the MP4 file you’d like to load. A progress bar will come across the screen while the video is loading and the pop-up window will remain open after. After the progress bar disappears, feel free to close the window. Depending on the length of the video, Mediasite may take up to 30 minutes for the video to fully process.

  1. You will know that the video has fully loaded when the icon next to the name of the presentation title has changed from red to green.

  1. After the recording has loaded, click on the name of the title of the recording

  1. Click “Edit”

  1. Click the dropdown for “Visibility”, select “Viewable” and click “Save”

  1. Select the “Security” tab

  1. Select “Click here to enable inheritance”, and a pop-up will appear. Click “OK” on the pop-up. Press “Save” to save all changes.

Your recording should now be viewable to those with access to view that folder/catalog!

Additional Note

Recently a best practice has been established for smooth streaming to be enabled on presentations. This setting optimizes seamless viewing for users with varying internet bandwidths and can be enabled in bulk after all of your desired presentations have been loaded as per these instructions.
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