Logging into an existing or new Mac with Jamf Connect

What is Jamf Connect and why am I concerned?

  • Jamf Connect is a new product that IT has purchased made by Jamf. Jamf Pro is the product we use to manage iPads and Macs across campus
  • Jamf Connect replaces the regular Mac log in window with a familiar window, our WesternU single sign-on window (ADFS)
  • Jamf Connect syncs you WesternU password with your Mac and allows you to change your WesternU password from your Mac so you don't have to worry about password mismatches anymore
  • For the time being, only NEW Macs will get Jamf Connect and Macs that are wiped. At this time we are not pushing to existing Macs.

The New Window

Before, you had a custom log in window that most likely looked like this

The new log in window looks like this

You simply log-in with your WesternU credentials

You will be asked to enter your password again to verify or if you already have an account on the Mac with a mismatched password, it will ask for the old password so it can sync your current password


You can connect to Wifi from the login, you no longer need to be on the WesternU network to log in for the first time.

If you have an existing, local, non-WesternU account on the Mac, you can still log in to it by clicking "local login" at the bottom of the log in window

Jamf Connect icon in macOS

You may notice on your menu bar that you have a new icon, this is the Jamf Connect Icon

If you click on it, you have 3 options

  • Change Password - allows you to change you WesternU password from your Mac, yep, you read that correctly
  • Get software - launches the Self Service application
  • Contact Technical Support - opens support.westernu.edu in Safari (or default browser)


Additional Information

  • Only Macs that have macOS 10.14 or above can have Jamf Connect
  • It has been said but we want to reiterate that you DO NOT need to be on the WesternU network to login to this Mac. New users do not need to be on the WesternU Network but if they are, they will need to be wired the first time.
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