I Drive to OneDrive Migration - FAQ, Troubleshooting & Common Solutions

What is I Drive Migration? 

Almost all WesternU Staff and Faculty have individual network drives, called I Drives. Currently, these files are stored on the WesternU network, meaning they can only be accessed while on campus or when using the GlobalProtect VPN. This migration will move the files to each user's individual OneDrive account. Many users are familiar with OneDrive as their Desktop, Downloads, and Documents folders are all synced through OneDrive. 

This migration will allow users to store more and larger files, easily share them to co-workers and constituents, as well as be secure and accessible anywhere with an active internet connection.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

Preparing for the migration will require no extra work on your part. The process will be completed automatically, and the your files will remain accessible in a read-only state during the process. Once the migration is complete you will need to begin using your files from OneDrive, as the I Drive storage will be removed completely after a minimum of 14-days. 

Migration Process

OneDrive Desktop:

Your WesternU workstation should already have the OneDrive desktop client installed, when the files have been transferred you will be able to access them by opening a File Explorer window, selecting “OneDrive – Western University of Health Sciences” from the left navigation pane, and then selecting the “I Drive” folder.

Using OneDrive

OneDrive can be accessed in a few different ways, either through Syncing with a desktop/mobile app or via the Web.

Syncing Your OneDrive

The process of syncing your files is different between Windows and Mac OSX, please see the links below for instructions.

Sync files with OneDrive on Windows

Sync Files with Onedrive on Mac OSX

Access Through The Web

  • Use any web browser
  • Log into go.westernu.edu with your WesternU email address and password
  • Here you will find the Office 365 apps available to you
  • Select OneDrive

Sharing Files

If your I Drive had folders/files shared to other users their permissions will not copy over with the migration, meaning you will need to re-share the item(s). Sharing in OneDrive is simple, and can be completed by using the steps below:

  • To share any File or folder, simply click on the vertical ellipses next to any file/folder, and select Share from the menu that appears
  • You may also copy the link to that file/folder for sharing, and paste it into any email, text, Microsoft Teams message, etc
    • Always be cognizant of HIPAA and FERPA regulations when sharing files or folders
  • Once you've select Share, OneDrive will ask you for information regardin the person with whom you'd like to share 
  • You may use the search box to type in a name or email address of the user you'd like to share with

Adding/Removing Files

You can add/remove files from OneDrive both while syncing to your computer or via the Web. Each process is outlined below:

While Syncing OneDrive

To add files, simply copy or drag the files into the folder on your computer labelled OneDrive - Western University of Heath Sciences. The program will then begin syncing the new files.

To delete files, enter the OneDrive - Western University of Health Sciences folder, select the item(s) you would like to delete, and remove them

  • Right-click > Delete on PC, CMD+Click > Move to Trash on Mac

Via the Web

To create a new file or folder, select New to create new folders or files

  • A drop down menu will appear, and you can select what you'd like to create
  • Anything created here will automatically be uploaded to your OneDrive account
  • New Link allows you to easily create a link to a file for sharing

To add files onyour device, select Upload to access your files or gallery and upload to the desired location on your OneDrive

  • You may upload files to a folder that is already designated as a shared folder.  Just be sure to select that folder when uploading

To delete files/folders, select the checkbox next to the items you wish to delete, then click Delete at the top of the page.


Is OneDrive HIPPA/FERPA Complaint?

Yes, OneDrive is complaint with HIPPA and FERPA guidelines and the University has a signed BAA with Microsoft 365. However, make sure to follow the related University Policies and Procedures as these take priority over the requirements for data storage of this type. Any questions on this should be discussed with the Compliance Office.

Can I use the mobile OneDrive app?

Yes, the app can be downloaded from your app store, and signed into with your WesternU credentials

Please Note: Intune Device Enrollment is required to use OneDrive on your mobile app, information and instructions on this process can be found at the links below:

Is there a space limit?

Each user will be assigned a OneDrive with 5TB of available space.

Additional Questions or Issues?

If you experience any issues or have any questions regarding the migration process, please contact TechSupport for assistance.

Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm, Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Phone: (909) 469-5432
Email: techsupport@westernu.edu
Office: HEC Room 1031

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