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How do I use Pharos Mobileprint to print documents from my mobile device?

Installing and Confgifuring the App

  1. You will need to install the app, see the links below for your respective operating system:
  2. Once installed, open the app and input the following information:
    • Server Address:
    • Server Port: 443
  3. When prompted, sign in with your WesternU username (without and your current password

Navigating the App

iOS users can only release print jobs, all other functionality is currently unavailable

Once in the app, you will be shown a screen such as below:

  1. Job LIst will display the shown screen to add funds, upload and release print jobs, as well as display information on queued print jobs
    Activity will show your Pharos activity, such as when funds were added, and when/where print jobs were released
  2. Refresh will refresh the page to show you the most updated print jobs
    Upload will allow you to directly upload a document to be printed
    Delete will allow you to delete queued print jobs
  3. Print job information will be displayed here
    1. Checkbox: For selecting the print job. Once selected, you can release or delete the print job
    2. Type: Will display an icon to identify the file type of the document (Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Etc.)
    3. Title: The name of the document or the title inputted in the Pharos Popup, this name will also display on the touchpads or computer release stations
    4. Print Preview: Clicking this will show a preview of the document. The icon will also display if the print job is in black/white or color. 
    5. Pages: Size of the document in pages
    6. Pieces of Paper: The amount of paper that will be used to print the job (double-sided printing, as well as pages per side will affect this and the cost of printing)
    7. Submitted Date: When the document was uploaded/submitted to Pharos. Please Note: print jobs in the queue for 24 hours will automatically be deleted
    8. Cost: The amount your account will be charged to print the job
  4. Funds available to your account
  5. Link to add funds through paypal or credit/debit card. Please Note: The transaction fee is mandated by Paypal and cannot be altered/removed
  6. Options for your selected print job(s)
    1. Color: To select if the print job should be printed in color or black/white
    2. Sides: To select double-sided printing
    3. Pages per side: Select how many pages should appear on one side of a page
    4. Copies: To print multiple copies of the same document
  7. Printer selection for releasing print jobs. Please Note: If you are attempting to print a color document, or have a color document selected ensure the print has a color wheel icon, and not a monochrome black/white icon.

Issues Printing?

To report issues with printing, please use the Student Printing Issue (Pharos) service request using the link below. Please be sure to include the time, date, and printer used to better assist the technicians in finding a resolution to your issue

Student Printing Issue (Pharos)

Techsupport can be contacted for general issues/questions at


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