Pharos Printer Locations

Pomona, CA

LRC / PLC (Pumerantz Learning Center)

  • Printers: 
    • Basement (PLC-SHARP-B)
  • Account Stations: None

RWC (Rodney P. Wineberg Center)

  • Printers: 
    • 1st floor hallway (URC-SHARP-F1)
  • Account Stations: None

HSC (Health Sciences Center)

  • Printers: 
    • 1st floor student commons (HRC-SHARP-F1)
  • Account Stations: None

VMC (Veterinary Medical Center)

  • Printers: 
    • 2nd floor hallway (VMC-SHARP-F1)
  • Account Stations: None

HPC (Health Professions Center)

  • Printers: 
    • 1st floor student commons (2 printers) 
      • one black/white (HPC-N-SHARP-L)
      • one full color (HPC-N-SHARP-R)
  • Account Stations: 1st floor student commons

HEC (Health Education Center)

  • Printers: 
    • 1st floor student commons (2 printers)
      • one black/white (HEC-SHARP-F1L)
      • one full color (HEC-SHARP-F1R)
    • 2nd floor student commons (2 printers)
      • one black/white (HEC-SHARP-F2R)
      • one full color (HEC-SHARP-F2L)


Lebanon, OR

COMP-NW Building

  • 1st floor student commons (2 printers)
    • one full color (LEB-SHARP-3100N)

CHS-NW Building

  • Student Commons Alcove
    • one full color (CHS-SHARP-F1)


Issues Printing?

To report issues with printing, please use the Student Printing Issue (Pharos) service request using the link below. Please be sure to include the time, date, and printer used to better assist the technicians in finding a resolution to your issue

Student Printing Issue (Pharos)

Techsupport can be contacted for general issues/questions at


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