How to Make a Presentation Downloadable in My Mediasite

* Note on functionality

Because there is a focus on sharing links within the Mediasite service for users to access content, the system generally creates downloadable files on-demand. In addition, when a recording is made downloadable, the creator and users with both appropriate permissions and access to the viewing link are also able to download content. If you would like to temporarily restrict other users' permissions to the content, feel free to reference the beginning of this article to change permissions.

  1. Navigate to the My Mediasite portal:
  2. Locate the recording you would like to make downloadable in the "My Drafts" area (which takes you to all your presentations), or via the search button. Click on the name of the recording.

  1. Click "Edit Details"

  1. Click the "Delivery" tab and check the box next to the file types you would like to make downloadable and press "Save":
    • Audio Transcriptions: If a caption file was previously loaded to your presentation, then you can make this download available
    • Publish to Go: Gives you many different file types for the same recording (i.e. an audio only file, a slides only file, a video only file, etc)
    • Vodcast (most common option): Gives you an integrated mp4 video version of your recording
      • When selecting this option, click the area for "Select a Vodcast Project" and select "Vodcast Project - All content"
    • Podcast: Gives you an mp3 audio-only version of your recording

  1. The system will go through the process of creating the appropriate files for you to access (depending on the size of the file, this can take up to 5 minutes). Once available, the files will be available for download by clicking the "Download to Computer" toward the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

  1. If your files have processed, a button for specific file type download will now be available to you.


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