Epic Scanning (Front Desk, Onbase)

Reference - Epic: Scanning

  • This article was written for front desk and back office support staff who need to scan documents into Epic.  It will provide instructions on how to properly scan documents into a patient's file, as well as provide assistance for common scanning issues.

Front Desk Scanning


What is Front Desk Scanning?

  • Front Desk Scanning is used to add documents to a patient's file during registration.
    • This is typically done when a patient is first seen at WesternU Health, but also used later in cases such as updating insurance information.
  • This is done directly in Epic Production.
  • Some examples of items scanned here are ID cards, insurance cards and consent forms.
  • Please refer to the "Front Desk Scanning - Quick Reference Guide" PDF for step-by-step instructions on how to scan and add these documents to a patient's Registration section in Epic.
    • You can find the PDF under the "Files" section on the right side of this page.

Initial setup

  • If you're attempting to use Front Desk Scanning on a computer that's never scanned into Epic before, there is some additional setup required by the Epic Support team.  Please call Tech Support at x5432 to have a ticket created.

Unable to scan duplex (both sides of the page at once)

  • Verify that your scanner has been correctly configured for duplex scanning by doing the following:

1. Log into Epic Production

2. Open Registration for a "ZZZ" test patient (Epic button > Registration/ADT > Registration) and create a new contact.

3. Go to the Documents section and select a Front Desk Scanning document type. 

  • Front Desk Scanning documents types are all prefixed with "FDS".

4. Set the status to "SIGNED" and click the Scan button.  The Front Desk Scanning module should open.

5. Click on the cog wheel button next to the scan format and select "Modify current format".

6. Click "Scanner settings".

7. Make sure the box next to "Duplex" is checked, then click OK.

Scanner not appearing under "Scan Source"

  • If the Scan Source shows that no scanner is found, and clicking on the down-facing arrow next to it doesn't give any scanners to select, you may not have gone through the initial Front Desk Scanning setup.
    • Please call Tech Support at x5432 to have a ticket created, and the Epic Support team will assist you with the initial required setup.
  • Additionally, if your scanner is not TWAIN compatible (typically this means the scanner is several years old), it will not appear under Scan Source, and unfortunately will not be able to scan into Epic.

Back Office Scanning


What is Back Office Scanning?

  • Back Office Scanning is used to add documents to a patient's file after their office visit.
  • This is done from specific PCs pre-configured with the OCHIN Scanning software.
    • 1st floor of the WesternU Health building: ECI005-C
    • 2nd floor of the WesternU Health building: FMCC302233-WP and FACC041-P
      • If you're unsure of the specific location of these computers, please talk to your Front Office Lead.
  • Some examples of items scanned here are lab results, ECG and radiology imaging reports.
  • Please refer to the "Back Office Scanning - Training Manual" PDF for step-by-step instructions on how to scan and add these documents to a patient's record in Epic.
    • You can find the PDF under the "Files" section on the right side of this page.

Unable to log into OCHIN Scanning (also called OnBase)

1. Verify that you're using the correct username and password
  • OCHIN Scanning uses a different username and password than your WesternU and Epic accounts.
    • If you haven't had an OCHIN Scanning account created or you've forgotten your OCHIN Scanning password, please contact epicsupport@westernu.edu. 
      • A JIRA will be opened for OCHIN to create your account/reset your password.
2. Double check that the correct server is selected
  • Once you've entered your username and password and clicked the "Server" button, you should be on the "User Authentication" window. 
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to "Server address", and verify that the server says:
    • http://obscan18.ochin.info/appserver/service.asmx
  • If the server is incorrect, you can manually type in the server address by double-clicking on the text in that space.
  • Once logged in, it will remember this server address, so you won’t need to enter it the next time you use the program.
3. If you're receiving the below "Fatal startup error" message when launching the OCHIN Scanning software
  • Navigate to C:\rsbatchdata\ and delete the file called obrsbatch.dat.
    • If you would like assistance with this, please call Tech Support at (909) 469-5432.
  • Close/reopen OCHIN Scanning, and it should bring you to the login screen successfully.
Unable to scan - Source shows "<no scan device>"
1. Click the scanner icon next to the Scan Queue drop-down menu, then select "Twain".

2. Click the down-pointing arrow next to "Source".

3. On the "Select Source" window that opens, click on "PaperStream IP fi-7160", then click the Select button.

4. Choose HIGH/LOW from the Scan Queue drop-down menu as appropriate.

  • If you're unsure of which Scan Queue to select, please talk to your Front Office Lead.

5. You should now be ready to begin scanning.

Indexing - Multi-page documents require the "Append" button be clicked after each page

1.  Click the gear icon next to the Format drop-down menu.

2.  Click "Modify current format."

3.  Change it to "One document" and click OK.

You should now be able to index multi-page documents without being forced to click the Append button between pages.


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